Tenants and Residents Association

To contact the TRA Email: highburyquadcommittee@gmail.com

What is a Tenants &  Resident and residents association?
A Tenants & Residents Association is formed by a group of residents living on an estate or in a street(s) who come together to form an Association to make their area a better place to live in. A TRA gives residents more say in how their estate is run and allows them to work with Islington Housing Services to find solutions to problems affecting
their area.

A TRA can also be a way to organise events and activities for all residents to enjoy.

We are always looking for more members for our TRA committee and we would encourage anyone and everyone to join.  Please come to our next genral meeting to find out more.


TRAs can:
• provide residents with an effective way to make their views known to Islington housing services and other organisations and give them a greater say in how their estate or block is managed.
• address issues of concern to the whole community, by working with housing services to find solutions
• get opportunities to meet with the staff and the managers who are responsible for delivering services
• raise funds for their community
• provide information to residents about local issues
• develop a good community spirit, helping neighbours to get to know each other
• organise social projects and events for the local community
• bring a sense of achievement to those involved in running a group
• give people a chance to meet new people, gain invaluable experience, access training and gain new skills
• meet with the council to discuss the concerns and problems raised by residents and work together to
find solutions
• attend an estate walkabout to inspect your estate and make suggestions for improvements
• recommend how the council spends money in their local area.